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The story so far...

Once upon a time in a land not quite so insignificant lied a town named Calawain Heights. In that time a headmaster declared Let there be a school and a school was created, named Abingdon Preparatory after the headmaster's favorite j-rock band, abingdon boy's school. Little did the headmaster know that his fairytale dream would become a fairytale nightmare.

It starts with the Prophet, with her father owning every civilian and their mother's property.
It continues with Sumire Matsuyama, with a sadistic and psychopathic personality whose intelligence lands her in Abingdon.
It ends with Vincent Valentine, with a hidden stalking tendency which leads him to Calawain.

On this day the three gained powers, and forever since have they warred for control of the school. With the signing of contracts they grant others powers in exchange for their loyalty. Join one gang to prosper, join the other to lose. But which is which?

Welcome to Evening Primrose, led by the elusive and psychopathic Violet Primrose, Sumire Matsuyama.
Welcome to Twilight's Chaos, led by the mysterious and withdrawn Vincent Valentine.

Welcome to a land where basketball tournaments, track meets, and knowledge bowls become tools of gang warfare and battles.

Welcome to Calawain Heights.

Isaac is not a spy.

 Who: Isaac with at least a brief bit of Chaos in Vincent's body (twilightschaos), Sumire (violet_primrose), and anyone else in Violet Primrose who wants to join in 
What: Isaac attempts to spy on Sumire, but not everything goes as planned, largely from Isaac's mindstate. Also, there is Chaos' assessment of his situation and the other beings in Vincent's body in the beginning.
Where: On campus, whatever other place this goes to
When: Before and during school
Warnings: May have some cursing

first encounter

Who: Sumire Matsuyama (violet_primrose) and Vincent Valentine (twilightschaos)
What: Back in time RP. When Sumire and Vincent first meet each other on campus. Pre gang-warfare.
Where: On campus
When: During school
Warnings: None

Sumire was sitting quietly on campus.Collapse )

before dawn

Who: Sumire (violet_primrose) and Chomesuke [info]chomesuke_oira
What: ..Crack?
Where: Sumire's dorm
When: Before school
Warnings: general crack


You're in Calawain Heights's high school, Abingdon Preparatory. Pretty normal, right? So can someone explain why exactly are there two people throwing bombs at each other? And what the heck is an Evening Primrose or Twilight's Chaos?
Welcome to The Contract RP, a roleplaying game involving super powers and gang fights all in the handy and dramatic setting of high school. Welcome to the land where city destruction is normal, where students are battling each other for power, where L plays Kenichi Matsuyama in One Litre of Sugar, and where the prophet girl bribes everyone to get her prophecies to come true. Nobody wants power more than these kids do, and the easiest way to get it is to sign a contract with a gang leader to gain powers.
So the question is..
Do you have a contract?